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Jenny writes about adventures in the London sci-lit-art scene...and occasionally beyond, at Mind the Gap on Occam's Typewriter. Her latest few posts are:

5th March 2017

In which we experiment

My three-year-old son Joshua is a bright and curious boy, full of incessant questions and always wanting to get into everything. The other day he noticed that when he was sucking up juice with a straw, the level of liquid … Continue reading

12th February 2017

In which I make myself useful

Two centrifuge buckets, both alike in dignity? It’s a truth universally acknowledged that an ageing group leader is, by definition, out of touch when it comes to the lab. After all, we spend most of our time writing grants and … Continue reading

15th January 2017

In which we sort ourselves out

Writing space: the final frontier When you move into a new house, you unpack about 90% of your belongings in the first months. And then, of course, there’s that lingering tail that seems to get put off indefinitely. This asymptote … Continue reading

Never clone alone

Never clone alone

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