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Jenny writes about adventures in the London sci-lit-art scene...and occasionally beyond, at Mind the Gap on Occam's Typewriter. Her latest few posts are:

17th March 2024

In which I dream

Last night I dreamt I was pipetting. It was a beautiful Gilson p200, the classic model of my formative years. The precision instrument felt reassuringly heavy and solid in my right hand. Despite its age, the movements were smooth and … Continue reading

18th February 2024

In which we fast-forward

The phrase bleak midwinter was first coined by the English poet Christina Rossetti in 1872 and went viral when composer Gustav Holst incorporated her text into a carol a few decades later. Although the words are clearly meant to evoke … Continue reading

24th December 2023

In which we celebrate [2]

Christmas, I argue, is a space-time continuum where the past and present layer up like sediments on the Jurassic coast. At the appointed time, old traditions are unearthed out of storage to mingle with those spontaneously invented as you go … Continue reading

Never clone alone

Never clone alone

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