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Jenny writes about adventures in the London sci-lit-art scene...and occasionally beyond, at Mind the Gap on Occam's Typewriter. Her latest few posts are:

30th July 2023

In which we land [1]

Our migration is complete: my lab now has a new home. And for me, a new office space. Numerous studies have scrutinised the effect of environment on work productivity. Anecdotally, I know that my own focus and output are greatly … Continue reading

6th July 2023

In which we migrate [2]

After about eight years in residence at the Royal Free Hospital, my itinerant scientific journey is about to embark on its next exciting leg. In a few weeks’ time, my lab is uprooting itself and moving to a new home … Continue reading

29th May 2023

In which I am pummelled into viral submission [1]

I am only happy to write about this today because I suspect it is finally almost over. I’m no longer so superstitious that I think I’m tempting fate by doing so now. In short, I’ve been ill for a long … Continue reading

Never clone alone

Never clone alone

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